Kingdom Hearts Survey Being Conducted By Square Enix


If you ever wanted to let Square Enix know exactly how you feel about the Kingdom Hearts franchise (or the company, in general), now is the perfect opportunity. Polygon has noted that Square Enix has released a survey, asking fans of the series some pointed questions about the action-RPG franchise.

Among the questions they asked were the standards (“What’s your age/place of birth/gender?”), but also specifically asked about certain games and purchasing opportunities within the Kingdom Hearts series. Participants are asked to answer about things like frustrating parts of the series, favorite Disney worlds and whether or not you are interested in picking up upcoming Kingdom Hearts games. They also asked for gaming devices used to play games, omitting the PS Vita from inclusion.

What I liked were the random throw-in questions. I’d like to think that liking Homeland, Coheed & Cambria and visiting various TV sites is somehow shaping the direction of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, although I’m sure it is simply for marketing purposes. If you do end up hearing alternative prog-rock in television commercials for Kingdom Hearts 3, you know where to point your angry tweets at.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 is slated for release later this year, with Kingdom Hearts 3’s release window remaining unclear. With a free space at the end of the survey, now is the time to tell Square Enix whatever you want. Make it your soapbox!


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