Aksys Games Visual Novel Survey


Video game publisher Aksys Games Localization wants players to take a survey regarding visual novels (via popular gaming forum, NeoGAF). Aksys, which is based in southern California, specializes in the localization of what could be considered the most niche of video game genres and properties. The company took to Facebook in order to ask its fans for input.

“Aksys Games is committed to supporting this genre. However, we’d like to hear from our fans as to which consoles and/or handhelds they want to play visual novels games,” the questionnaire reads.

The survey is brief, spanning about eight questions. Most of them revolve around which computers, tablets, and home and handheld consoles players own, which platforms they have played visual novel games on, and why they prefer those platforms.

Being very narrative-based and lacking much in the way of traditional action-oriented gameplay, the visual novel genre admittedly isn’t very popular. However, it does have a very dedicated and loyal fanbase. Aksys knows its audience, so culling information directly from them is a smart way to drum up and keep interest in any upcoming titles.

The information from this survey will presumably help provide direction in which properties the company should tackle next, since visual novel games often tend to be exclusive to specific platforms.

The company is responsible for bringing dauntingly text-heavy Japanese games like the Nintendo DS’ 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, and its multiplatform sequel Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward to English-speaking audiences. It’s nice to see that, in this era of modern gaming that focuses highly on cinematic presentation, Aksys is opting to provide players with games that are story-driven more than anything else.