The Final Battle For Lion’s Arch Is Underway In Guild Wars 2


If you’ve ever played Guild Wars 2, you’ve been to Lion’s Arch too many times to count. It’s a hub for just about everything: transportation, high level crafting, baking services, you name it. And you probably took it for granted.

That may have been a mistake, because arch-villain Scarlet Briar had her forces lay siege to Lion’s Arch in the game’s last update, and now the stakes are even higher. Players can band together to save it, but only by battling through Scarlet’s toughest lieutenants and onto her airship to settle the conflict once and for all.

It won’t be easy, but the rewards for doing it look pretty cool. There are rifle skins based on Scarlet’s own gun, chances at rare rewards from previous events, an exclusive title and universal helm, and a whole lot more.

On March 18, a smaller update will contain the epilogue to what hopefully ends up as the liberation of Lion’s Arch. The best way to ensure there’s a happy ending is to check out the full details online and then get to work sending Scarlet and her troops to their well-earned demises. Good luck!


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