X-Mercs: Invasion Will Have You Fending Off An Alien Invasion On Your iPad


Tank Domination is a pretty good mobile riff on World of Tanks for mobile devices that steers clear of being a clone thanks to a change of settings, taking the battles into the near future instead of the past. Now Game Insight seems ready to do something similar with turn-based strategy game X-Mercs: Invasion, an upcoming iPad title that definitely gives off a strong XCOM: Enemy Unknown vibe at first glance.

A big difference, again, is when the new game takes place. Set in the year 2040, after the discovery of a powerful natural energy source called Advinite, X-Mercs: Invasion puts you in charge of a private military company that has sprung up amid global war over the new resource. The problems gets bigger when aliens invade Earth, giving your troops a new priority: keep humanity alive.

As you’d expect, this involves building bases, outfitting troops and figuring out if the alien tech can be co-opted by humans and turned against the invaders. The debut trailer also has an Aliens feel thanks to the close-quarters close encounter it depicts, though there’s no gameplay footage just yet. We do know it’s turn-based strategy, a genre that has worked out pretty well so far on tablets.

Of course XCOM is available on tablets too, so X-Mercs: Invasion will have to ensure it has enough original flavor of its own to stand out. Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for more information as Game Insight reveals it.


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