RUMOR: Upcoming Apple TV To Have Video Game Support


It has been reported by “Macrumors” that the upcoming iteration of the Apple TV will have support for video games.  This has the potential to be quite intriguing.  There has not been much said in regards to what or how the integration will be delivered, but one can speculate that it will support most, if not all of the iOS games available in the app store.  If you went a step further, would or perhaps, could the Apple TV be Apple’s first attempts at breaking into the video game console wars?  I am not sure what the specs in the upcoming release will be, but one could assume it would have some serious improvement over previous versions.

Apple has always flirted with the notion of joining the console wars, but most figured that they got involved too late to be really competitive and therefore never did.  However, this seems like a plausible option for them to begin pursuing a console-esque system.  There has also been an influx of game controllers for the iPhone so one can only predict that the same could be utilized for the Apple TV.  Think about this, who wouldn’t love to watch some Game of Thrones, then seamlessly switch to some good old fashion “Flappy Bird”?

There will be plenty more to come on this, and as it does, we will be here to keep you informed.