Batman: Arkham Knight Announced For PS4, Xbox One & PC (Release Date Update)


UPDATE: If GameStop and EB Games (Canada) are to be believed, it looks like Batman: Arkham Knight will be released on October 14, 2014.

ORIGINAL: You wanted a Batmobile? Here’s your damned Batmobile! It will grace the cover of the next Game Informer magazine, but the retail information for Batman: Arkham Knight has already leaked and has been posted on places like NeoGAF and Kotaku. The final game in the recent Batman: Arkham series looks to be on 8th-generation consoles and PC only, making it one of, if not, the first of AAA games to omit cross-generational versions on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

What is genuinely interesting is the use of Scarecrow as the main villain in Batman: Arkham Knight. It may be of an odd choice to retread on former antagonists, yet Scarecrow’s story allows for a myriad of options for the game’s plot.

Additionally, it will be up to Rocksteady, this game’s developers, to make up for soured tastes with Batman: Arkham Origins. The response from reviewers was tepid, at best (for an Arkham game), and it may take a bit more effort to climb out of that hole. The useable Batmobile may do that, offering a new way of travel that may incorporate additional modes of gameplay.

As a pre-order bonus, it appears as though you can play as Harley Quinn in a variety of exclusive challenge maps. Hopefully those challenges will become available for free at a later time, becuase providing a fresh new perspective in Batman: Arkham Knight hidden behind a pre-order exclusive would be less than optimal.

We’ll be on the lookout for more Batman: Arkham Knight information as it becomes available. For now, it appears it will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the CG announcement trailer below.


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