Arena Of Heroes Now Available On iPhone And Android


Part of the plan for Sneaky Games was always to get its turn-based, MOBA-meets-tactical game Arena of Heroes onto as many platforms as possible. Chalk up two more as of the game’s latest update.

Previously playable on PC, Mac and iPad, the new v1.45 update brings Arena of Heroes to iPhone and Android. The game is free to download on any supported device, and it’s truly cross-platform in the sense that everyone is playing together regardless of how they access it.

The gameplay and overall feel have also changed since the game’s original launch in the summer of 2013. The action has been sped up to avoid long periods of positioning at the beginning of battles and to allow for shorter play sessions. And the arena in which the battles take place has been given an overall to better reflect the sci-fi lore it’s supposed to embody.

I had a chance to talk to the Lead Producer for Arena of Heroes a few weeks ago, and the whole story behind the game’s ongoing development is an interesting one. It’s been a delicate balance trying to appease both MOBA players and people who view it as more of a tactical exercise since it is turn-based, but Sneaky seems to be on the right track, and adding two more platforms can only help in that regard.

You can hit the iOS App Store or Google Play to grab Arena of Heroes for your mobile device of choice right now.


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