Don’t Expect A Super Smash Bros-Type Game For Microsoft IP’s


Perhaps it was after seeing the flop that was PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale that made Microsoft Studios executive Phil Spencer balk at the idea of a Super Smash Bros-esque game using Microsoft characters for the Xbox One. He seems to not be a fan of the idea, at least, when confronted with a question from a fan about the future of Xbox One games.

To me, it rings true just how storied and memorable Nintendo’s lineup of intellectual property entails, and all the beloved characters they can use. Microsoft has only been in the game development and publishing business for less than 15 years, and would have to bank a lot more on shooter characters (like Master Chief, Gears of War cast, Sam Fisher and Joanna Dark) to fill a lineup of brawlers. There are a bevy of lesser-known characters that could fit the bill, but not many have the staying power of a Mario, Link, Samus, Kirby or Captain Falcon. Maybe Banjo and Kazooie, but Rare hasn’t made a game outside of the realms of Kinect in more than 5 years.

That said, it suggests that Microsoft should be working on more and more unique IP’s going forward if they wanted to make a competitive party brawler. There are some fun new titles coming out this year that may fit into that box, if Phil Spencer wanted Microsoft Studios to go down that route.

(h/t Gameranx)


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