Valve has confirmed that it has unlocked Steam 'Family Sharing�..."/>
Valve has confirmed that it has unlocked Steam 'Family Sharing�..."/>

Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 3/1/14


"Valve has confirmed that it has unlocked Steam ‘Family Sharing’ for all account holders.Family Sharing essentially allows users to share their library of Steam games with other account holders by authorizing a PC as a shared device. The feature was previously launched in beta form in September last year."


"Grinding Gear Games is “definitely thinking about” a console port of the free-to-play hit Path of Exile.I got a chance to sit down with Technical Director Jonathan Rogers as he walked me through the new features in the game, including a sneak peek at the new end-game bosses.Free-to-play games don’t only have a home on PCs and mobile devices. There is the possibility the RPG could eventually come to Xbox One and Playstation 4. Rogers said Grinding Gear is, “Definitely thinking about it…There are certain skills that just wouldn’t cross over. Like, for example, in this game you can target any place on the screen and you just couldn’t do that with a controller…UI wise it is hard. But we are definitely thinking about [it].”"

The Escapist

"For the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014, Sega has cut its revenue forecast by 23 per cent, from ¥485 billion to ¥377 billion ($3.7 billion). Net income will be even more seriously affected, dropping 36 per cent from ¥47 billion to ¥30 billion ($294 million).While the consumer games business is in a period of transition as it moves away from packaged retail and towards digital, Sega’s PC, console and mobile games were not the source of the problem.Rather, the revision follows a drop in sales for both its Pachislot/Pachinko and Amusement Machines divisions."