First Two Transformers Universe Bots Revealed (Video)


After lying dormant for quite some time, Transformers Universe has been rumbling to life in recent weeks. First came clarification that the MMO-turned-MOBA was now a MOTA (standing for Massively Online Tactical Action game) and closed beta sign-ups. Now Jagex has taken another step to get players excited for the game’s eventual release, unveiling the first two bots that are exclusive to the title.

The Autobot Meltdown and the Decepticon Duststorm are the first two robots in disguise, and each comes with its own short introductory video. The clips show off brief snippets of gameplay and even briefer looks at some of the bots’ weapons and abilities.

What isn’t as apparent is why you’d want to spend much time in vehicle form when a squad of enemy robots is right in your grill (pun intended), but Jagez has assured players before that there’s a purpose to both forms.

The official release window for Transformers Universe is still the nebulous 2014, but more reveals are supposedly on the way in the near future. After so much time spent with fears building that the game would turn into vaporware, each new video or press release is sure to be working as a balm on the nerves of Transformers fans everywhere.