The Tribez & Castlez Now Live On iOS And Android


What’s better than a title with one word that ends in a ‘z?’ Two of those words, of course.

Following up on one of its biggest hits, The Tribez, Game Insight launched The Tribez & Castlez today on iOS and Android. It’s another city builder, but not an ordinary one since it transports the gameplay and some familiar characters to a whole new world full of magic, dragons and werewolves.

The Professor, Princess Aurora and the tribezmen return to help Prince Eric rebuild his kingdom. That means constructing buildings, harvesting crops and breeding animals, as well as strengthening defenses to deal with Gobools, Trollums and other dangers.

Magic items and legendary heroes can also be acquired to aid in your quest, and like most Game Insight titles, a full array of social features allow you to get help from your friends. It’s certainly not the same old Tribez, though it does look like it has the potential to catch on with a wide range of mobile games just like its predecessor.

The Tribez & Castlez is free to download, and it’s available now in the iOS App Store and on Google Play for Android. Peep the trailer below to get a taste of what awaits in this particular new world.


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