Age of Wonders III Coming On March 31


The third act in the fantasy/strategy Age of Wonders series now has a firm release date.

Triumph Studios announced that Age of Wonders III is set to hit PC on March 31, with pre-orders available now on Steam, at, and at selected retailers. All pre-order customers will receive the Elven Resurgence Scenario, a callback to earlier games in the series.

Switching from isometric to 3D graphics this time out, Age of Wonders III gives players the choice to side with good or evil using six different leader classes and six unique races. The story-driven campaign focuses on the tension between tradition (magic) and progress (technology), and the turn-based tactical battles that arise can take place over 50 different location types. Combat has also been spruced up with new features like flanking to make the fighting faster and more dynamic.

Environments range from forests to icy plains to islands, and a random map generator adds to the replay value. Online multiplayer is on hand to pit your skills against human opponents in any of the pre-made scenarios or on random maps.

Resource management and strategy is a combination that is a time-tested winner, and Triumph looks like it is doing it up right once again with some extra RPG elements to boot. Watch the official trailer below to see for yourself, or head to Steam or GOG to pre-order.