Two Million Users Played Titanfall Beta


The numbers are in for the Titanfall beta and a reported two million players took part in the pre-launch test for Respawn Entertainment.

Also speaking with Polygon, the game’s engineer Jon Shiring spoke on how Titanfall is reliant on Microsoft’s new cloud computing service to work. In case you forgot, the beta was down for about seven hours or so due to what Respawn is calling “human error” with the servers.

“We had the alpha, but that was fairly small. Alpha proved that the tech works. Beta, the thing we wanted to test was what happens when you scale it really high, see what breaks and then fix that so we don’t have to find out on launch day,” said Shiring.

He continued: “People are expecting the game to have problems, and I want to make sure that it doesn’t. I want to do everything I can to make sure that it launches well. The Xbox Live compute platform is all brand new. Forza used it a little bit, but they weren’t as reliant on it as we are. The game is completely reliant on it. If it’s down, nobody can play.”

You can check out the full interview for yourself by visiting Polygon.

Mike’s Musings: Two million users is impressive no matter how you try and twist it. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how close that number is to the amount of people who actually go out and buy the game come March 11. 


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