Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 2/21/14


"Sony’s PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset will be revealed for the first time at the Games Developers Conference in March, according to a new report.A purported “inside source” has told TechRadar that the Oculus Rift-like device will be shown to third-party developers for the first time at the GDC event in San Francisco.GDC runs from March 17 to 21."


"Sony has potentially teased that the Shenmue series is coming to PlayStation 4 following the release of a new trailer for the console’s Japanese launch.Seen below, the trailer itself showcases the PS4’s much-lauded Share function. However, eagle-eyed gamers have noticed that at two points in the video, the name ‘Ryo H.’ is clearly visible.What’s the significance of this? Well, Ryo Hazuki (Ryo H.) just happens to be the main protagonist of Shenmue."

Playstation Universe

"A new trailer has been released for Ultra Street Fighter IV, showcasing one of the five new playable characters of the game.The new trailer focuses on Hugo, the huge fighter taken from the Street Fighter III games.Ultra Street Fighter IV is going to include five new playable characters as well as new stages, new combat mechanics, new play modes and more. Four of the five new characters have already been confirmed – Poison, Hugo, Elena and Rolento."