Microsoft Letting Fans Pre-Install Titanfall


tiitAfter the success of the Titanfall beta that forced Respawn to open it up to all PC and Xbox users, Microsoft has decided to make sure fans won’t have to wait any longer than they need to before playing the game after launch.

Microsoft is now allowing users to pre-purchase and pre-install Titanfall to their Xbox One’s immediately in order to make sure they can hop right into the game on March 11 without having to install that day. In order to pre-install the game, fans will have to pay full price up front on their consoles.

After pre-install, players will have to wait until 12:01 PST to play the game on launch day. So, if you are a gamer on the east coast, it may still be easier to just pick up the game at midnight on launch night to get playing sooner.

Mike’s MusingsI love the idea of pre-installing games before launch. PC developers allow that for most games which, usually, makes game launches much smoother for the players. If this test run with Titanfall turns out to be a success, I hope it leads to more and more games having this ability on consoles in the future. 


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