Twitch Plays Pokemon Gets Own Chat Server


The popularity of the Twitch Plays Pokemon stream has forced the company to create a dedicated server for the channel’s chat due to it previously causing stress, and crashing, the company’s general chat streams.

“Our first adjustment on Sunday was to move the channel off of our general chat servers onto a dedicated event chat server, which we typically use for large events like The International and League Championship Series (LCS),” the company said in a statement.

That method, they stated, helped a bit but still caused some issues that required further review.

“When a phenomenon like TPP comes along which increases load on the system many fold, it gives us a great opportunity to discover and fix new issues and issues that only raise their head under super high load.”

Twitch closed by stating that they “LOVE” the stream and will support it in order to see “where this grand experiment leads us all”. They also mentioned that they will continue to work on the chat system to make sure it “holds up to the load.”


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