1954: Alcatraz Coming To Steam And GOG On March 11


Irresponsible Games and Daedalic Entertainment are preparing to take us all back to a time when Alcatraz was more than a movie setting or a tourist attraction.

In the upcoming PC adventure game “1954: Alcatraz,” “The Rock” is still very much a foreboding prison, and main male character Joe is doing 40 years there for armed assault. His wife Christine has her hands full too, as there are gangsters who want their cut from the job that sent Joe away.

Players will get to decide how the story plays out. Where’s the dough, and will Joe and Christine ride off into the sunset or turn on each other? Those are questions you can help decide in a point-and-click tale that features numerous puzzles, over 20 3D animated characters and unique, stylized art based on real locations in and around San Francisco.

“1954: Alcatraz” is set to launch on March 11 on both Steam and GOG at a price of $19.99. It will come in both English and German localized versions and include Russian and French subtitles.

Hit up the Daedalic website for more info as you get your prison break tools ready.


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