Square Enix has heard fans requesting a remake of Final Fantasy 7, bu..."/>
Square Enix has heard fans requesting a remake of Final Fantasy 7, bu..."/>

Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 2/19/14


"Square Enix has heard fans requesting a remake of Final Fantasy 7, but has explained some of its hesitance to take on the project. Now that Lightning Returns has wrapped up the FF13 saga, producer Yoshinori Kitase has this time commented on just how time-consuming it would be to recreate FF7.To express just how serious the project is, Kitase compared the timeline to how long the entire trilogy of FF13 games took to produce. “We already took nearly ten years to make the trilogy of Final Fantasy 13 games, ending with Lightning Returns. I think that a high-definition FF7 would be definitely comparable to that scale, an even bigger project maybe,” he said. “It would probably take a lot longer than ten years, even if we ever do it. So that’s what I am saying, I would have to have a complete and utter dedication to the project.”"


"Capcom has reiterated that a US and Europe release for its upcoming PlayStation 4 adventure Deep Down has not yet been decided, and addressed criticism that the game will not feature playable female characters.Gematsu published a report earlier this week, from Sony Japan’s PS4 Lab series, which said players could only be male for the purposes of story. Following criticism of the choice, producer Kazunori Sugiura has explained the decision on Facebook (translated once again by Gematsu), saying that there is only one protagonist in the game.“From our overseas firm, there was big misconception in an article claiming that there were 12 main characters in Deep Down, all of them male,” Sugiura said."


"PS Vita shooter Killzone: Mercenary is set to get two free new maps today, according to a post on the official Killzone community page.Delivered via an update that is mandatory for anyone wanting to play multiplayer, the two new maps are Tharsis Depot and Blood Gracht, which will be familiar to long-time fans of Guerrilla Games’ series.The update will require 167MB of free on a memory card to download it, or 526MB if previous updates have not been downloaded."