Guild Wars 2 Wants You To Escape From Lion’s Arch


If you haven’t played “Guild Wars 2” in a while, you’re in for a rude awakening when you visit Lion’s Arch.

In possibly the most dramatic turn of events yet in the game’s Living World, Scarlet and her forces have Lion’s Arch under siege, launching attacks by airship and filling it with a dangerous miasma. “Escape From Lion’s Arch” might sound like an old Kurt Russell movie, but it’s actually an event that calls on players to save as many people as possible, evacuating merchants and regular citizens alike.

Along with the satisfaction you’ll get from doing the right thing, there are rewards for helping the refugees — the more people you save, the better the loot. Supllies from defeated foes can help craft new (and awesome looking) Spinal Blade back items. Other goodies include utility feasts, endless quaggan tonics, and even a rare shot at rewards from previous events.

As with any “Guild Wars 2” event, several other additions have come along with this one. New Zodiac Armors are available, and Black Lion Chests have been updated with new items. The new Captain’s Airship is now accessible from any PvE zone, serving as a hub for everything from crafting to the Black Lion Traders. One-week and permanent passes are both on sale, but the latter will be gone after this week.

“Escape From Lion’s Arch” is live now, and all the details for the event and the general game updates can be found at the GW2 website.


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