Blackguards To Get First DLC, Important Update On March 4


Daedalic’s tactical RPG “Blackguards” has an interesting cast of characters, some of whom you find out more about than others. With the game’s first DLC, “Untold Legends,” coming on March 4, we’re about to learn more about one man you meet under less than ideal circumstances.

That would be Takate, who arrives in Chapter 2 of “Blackguards” during a time when your party is temporarily forced to serve as gladiators. “Untold Legends” delves into his backstory as a former slave and explores his home in Southern Aventuria. Most importantly, you’ll be able to aid Takate in his quest for revenge on those who made him a slave in the first place.

For just $5.99, “Untold Legends” will include new quests, battle maps, weapons and music. It comes on the same day as update 1.3 hits “Blackguards,” bringing a much requested change to aid in combat. Going forward, players will be able to see the hit chance of all normal and special attacks during battles, something formerly dependent on the Warcraft and Animal Lore talents. The patch also grants the option of seeing a full battle log for each fight, including dice rolls for every attack so you know when it was Lady Luck and not your own decisions that led to disaster.

“Untold Legends” will be sold through major download sites like Steam, GOG and Gamesrocket. Anyone who bought the “Blackguards Contributor’s Edition” through Steam will automatically get the DLC for free, while people who purchased any retail version of “Blackguards” can acquire it through

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