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Xbox One Comes Free With…A Diamond Ring Purchase?


Say what you will about the diamond cartels and their falsely-created sense of rarity, diamond rings are the most commonly-recognized symbols of eternal love in the Western Hemisphere and abroad. Members of loving couples are expected to have one propose to the other, providing them with an engagement ring as a token of their gratitude and their serious intent. However, for reasons good or bad, some couples are hesitant to take that big step in their relationship. For gamers, there is now an extra incentive to pop the question; “One” that may net you a new console.

Perwinkle’s is currently running a promotion across their retailers in which customers of an engagement ring with a 3/4 carat diamond as the center stone will receive a free Xbox One console. The promotion runs until the end of February, and is the most insane thing I’ve ever heard.

There have been some crazy video game-related promotions in the past, but this one may take the (wedding) cake. I mean, if you’ve found “The One,” it makes perfect sense for you to double dip and get “The One” console for free. The biggest fear is that promotions like this may cause turmoil among couples not ready for such a commitment, but will try anyways for that $500 throw-in.

Sound off, GameSiders in relationships. Would you propose to a significant other in a serious relationship for an Xbox One? Are you like me and think, “What has society come to?” Let us know in the comments below.

(h/t Reddit)


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