MLB 14 The Show: New Features and Improvements

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• New dynamic gameplay cameras for batting and fielding

• New dynamic catch position indicator for fielding

• New baserunning paradigm (New animation core and logic)

• Completely re-done catcher animations suite (over 150 all-new catcher animations)

• More than 90 new batting stances

• More than 160 batting stance re-captures for players who changed their stances

• More than 50 new fielding animations

• More than 30 new pitching motions

• 20 new signature HR swings

• Intro Fly-Ins (PS4 Only)

• New bat boy and ball boy presentations (PS4 Only)

• All-new high-resolution crowd reactions, ambient noise, cheers, etc…. (PS4 Only)

• J*pan League-style and slap-hitter swing types (PS4 Only)

• Over 350 new fielding and batting animations (PS4 Only)

• Team specific, player specific, team generic crowd signs (PS4 Only)

• New RTTS Player Creation options, including the ability to model your skills, appearance, and signature animations after a real MLB player

• New and improved training modes, along with the addition of a new bronze/gold medal system.

• Easier trade requests (RTTS)

• Easier position changes (RTTS)

• Dynamic Potential for RTTS Player

• New injury presentations

• New Player Search feature

• Ability to hire/fire coaches in mid-season

• Notification system that keeps you connected to your team and league.

• New player contract logic that mimics real life

• New overall and potential formula

• Editable potential

• Refined player generation, with more position-specific attribute ranges (Online Franchise)

• New contract decision logic, which factors in contract renewable and arbitration status more heavily (Online Franchise)

• New lineup logic that takes into account secondary positions (Online Franchise)

• Refined trade logic (Online Franchise)

• Retired players stored for every season (Online Franchise)

• More player stats stored for every season (Online Franchise)

• New user management functionality at (Online Franchise)

• Make, accept, and vote on trades through (Online Franchise)

• Resolve and simulate games on (Online Franchise)

• League members can now manage games on (Online Franchise)

• New pitcher/batter status screen

• New pitcher/batter breakdown pop-up graphic

• Cycling help text

• Left-handed infielders

• CPU plate discipline logic has been re-written

• Pitcher can now bring up pitch history using L3 (same effect as R2 for the batter)

• New pickoff cameras

• New assortment of organ recordings

• Completely re-worked Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI)