League of Legends Receiving New Champion, Game Mode


Get ready League of Legends fans because a brand new game mode and champion are coming your way.

Developer Riot Games has announced that from February 20 to March 2, a new mode entitled Hexakill will be available to all players. Hexakill takes the traditional 5v5 format of standard League of Legends matches, and adds a sixth player to each team. The rules and map will be the same, but the added champion to each team will add a new wrinkle to the game’s strategy.

In addition to the new, temporary, game mode, a brand new champion is entering the fold for League players. Vel’Koz, the Eye of the Void,  is a ranged champion with a focus on ability power. But unlike the official description from Riot about Vel’Koz being created for the “sole purpose of learning”, it’s clear that, based on simply looking at his abilities, Vel’Koz is there to cause mass destruction.

First, Vel’Koz’s passive deals true damage to all creatures (minions, monsters and champions) after being struck three times by Vel’Koz’s abilities. In terms of his active abilities, Vel’Koz boasts a group of highly powerful abilities that will lead to him being used simply as an AP (ability power) carry champion.

His “Plasma Fission” ability is a plasma bolt that both damages and slows the first enemy it strikes. But that’s not all. Once it reaches its destination or gets reactivated immediately after initial use, the bolt splits at a 90 degree angle, taking out those in its path. “Void Rift” is a straight blast that explodes after a brief delay. “Tectonic Disruption” is an attack that damages and launches enemies into the air after a short delay.

Lastly, is ultimate ability, “Life Form Disintegration Ray”, is a move that can be viewed as just plain dominating. Vel’Koz sends out an energy blast that players can control with the movement of their mouse for a brief period of time. The blast will slow, damage and deconstruct all enemies that are struck by the blast.

Riot hasn’t announced an official release for the new champion, but it is expected to be available fairly soon.