Xbox One Update Still Not Released


UPDATE: Major Nelson has announced that the update is starting to roll out today to Xbox One systems.

The first major system update was scheduled to drop on Tuesday, February 11, but the day has come and gone and, alas, no update is anywhere to be found. This led to fan complaints on Reddit to which Microsoft’s PR aficionado Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb responded that he will have more information for fans as soon as he gets it himself.

The update was supposed to hit systems on February 11

“I don’t have all the details,” Hyrb said. “Things are moving quickly and all the teams are working extra hard. I don’t really like giving dates either. Too risky.”

The delay of this update has many wondering if the second major update, currently scheduled for early March, will also suffer the same fate. With Microsoft not saying much about the situation other than the basic “we’ll tell you when we tell you” excuse, fans could become even more restless than they already are.

But don’t worry, Hyrb said that fans will get 3D Blu-ray support in the future too. So, there’s something to look forward to…eventually.

Source | TOXM


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