Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 2/14/14


"The strong start for Sony’s PlayStation 4 continues.The video game console was the top-selling piece of hardware in the U.S. last month, according to data from research firm NPD Group.Although Sony did not provide specific sales figures, the company revealed its January sales nearly doubled that of the “nearest next-gen competitor,” which was Microsoft’s Xbox One."

USA Today

"Riot Games will trial a new featured gameplay mode in League Of Legends that adds a sixth member to each team.The ‘Hexakill’ update begins on February 20 and will be available on the Summoner’s Rift map. The team numbers will be the only alteration, Riot Games has said, with the same gameplay rules in effect.The number of people playing League of Legends every day has increased drastically since 2012. Riot claims that, at its peak, League of Legends logs more than 27 million people each day."


"Agent 47 is about to take his killer-for-hire skills to a whole new platform, as Square Enix has officially announced the rumored Hitman-themed mobile turn-based strategy game from series developer IO Interactive called Hitman GO. The publisher acknowledges GO as a side story and states that it will not distract from IO’s next main entry to the Hitman series.Players will control Agent 47 atop a diorama-like grid, giving the game more of a board game apperance. The idea is to infiltrate locations and take out targets in a turn-based environment."