Dr. Eggman Is Back To Menace Sonic Dash


It’s tough to keep a good villain down. Any really quality arch-enemy is going to keep pestering a hero no matter where he or she may appear, and in video games, that means even if they cross over to different platforms.

Dr. Eggman has certainly done that to Sonic the Hedgehog, causing havoc for Sega’s champion since 1991 on the Genesis. Now he’s ready for the latest chapter in their eternal conflict, appearing as of today in “Sonic Dash,” a free endless runner available on iOS and Android.

Here’s what Sega has to say about Eggman’s appearance as a brand new yet very familiar boss:

"This devious boss battle will test gamers reflexes as they dodge, dive and dash past an onslaught of explosives and deadly traps. Players that beat the boss will earn a massive score bonus to help them get a step ahead of their own personal nemesis: friends’ leaderboard positions."

Next week will also be a big one for “Sonic Dash,” as a brand new global challenge will start on February 21. Players will be able to help unlock the latest playable character, one Sega hints “is sure to steal some hearts.”

Don’t let Dr. Eggman win! Grab “Sonic Dash” from the App Store or Google Play today.


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