Mario Golf World Tour Receives May 2 Release Date


During a trailer that focuses on a single player campaign in which you play using your Mii character, Nintendo revealed that Mario Golf World Tour is scheduled for release on the Nintendo 3DS on May 2.

All of the fanfare you would expect from a Mario Golf game exists in World Tour, but with that new single player campaign an added sense of personality is being introduced. Players work hard to improve their skills in a variety of courses and challenges, while adding more and more customizable clothing options that show off each person’s creativity and style.

The heart of the Mario Golf games in the past had been on playing an excellent golf game with friends within a cartoonish world with imaginative courses. Online multiplayer will be available, but I’m not sure if a handheld version in which each person plays on their own screen would help replicate that same excitement felt in previous iterations.

You can expect to tee off in Mario Golf World Tour when the game releases on May 2nd for the 3DS. Keep it here at GameSided as we recap the rest of the events from the February 13th Nintendo Direct, plus check out the trailer below.


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