Dead Rising 3 Fallen Angel DLC Review


Well here we go again, another Los Perdidos Untold Story called Dead Rising 3 Fallen Angel.  This is the second of four planned DLC for the game.  Each of the four untold stories that are being released puts you in the shoes of a character that affected the main plot so you’re able to view their side of the events that took place in Los Perdidos.

This new story places you in the role of Angel Quijano, an “illegal,” who the government wants to track down due to not submitting to being chipped as an infected.

Angel’s story involves tracking down other survivors and saving them from the government, all while battling her own personal problems.  The add-on includes a new outfit, another blueprint, a new vehicle, and a few new weapons to help slay zombies.

What’s even more intriguing than zombie slaying?  The release of a DLC with absolutely no heads up.  Strange considering the first DLC release, Operation Broken Eagle, had ample warning prior to release.

Regardless, this story should have remained “untold.”  The same issues that plagued the first DLC returns in this second installment.  The side story is VERY short and this one is actually shorter believe it or not.  Clocking in at a little over 30 minutes to complete.  The add-on lacks co-op support and the “been there done that” feeling returns as one of the side tasks is to shoot cameras throughout Los Perdidos.

With half of the DLC now released for Dead Rising 3, I don’t anticipate the other two untold stories to get much better than the first two.  Very unfortunate considering how good the main story was.  Check out my review of Dead Rising 3 HERE and the Operation Broken Eagle DLC Review HERE.