Have An Active EVE Online Account On March 1 To Get Immortalized


Plenty of MMOs have come up with ways to get lapsed players to rejoin the fold, but maybe none as unique as what CCP has planned for “EVE Online” just a few weeks from now.

CCP has commissioned Icelandic artist Sigurður Guðmundsson to help construct a monument to “EVE Online” in the city of Reykjavik. Entitled “Worlds Within a World,” it’s intended to pay tribute to the players, community and partners that have helped the popular sci-fi MMO roll on past its tenth anniversary.

Here’s the cool part: the monument is going to be inscribed with the character names of all active “EVE Online” players (the highest-skilled character for each account only) as of March 1. That means you must have an active account on that date. There are no exceptions for individual players, though CEOs of corporations can contact the EVE Community Team if they have names of influential people who no longer play that they feel should be included. Consider it a way of honoring the fallen pilots of the past.

Told you it was unique. Time to reactivate that account if you haven’t done so already, and your favorite character can be a part of history forever. Now about getting to Reykjavik to actually see it …


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