Lionhead Studios is working on a patch [for Fable Anniversary] to fix ..."/>
Lionhead Studios is working on a patch [for Fable Anniversary] to fix ..."/>

Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 2/11/14


"Lionhead Studios is working on a patch [for Fable Anniversary] to fix a number of stability issues being reported by players, including numerous instances of the game locking up.A bug reporting thread on the Lionhead forum has received over 200 replies since the game released last week, the majority of which refer to the game crashing or locking up at various moments.CVG’s own tests show the game crashed three times in about 90 minutes, which only could be remedied by restarting the Xbox 360."


"38 Studios founder Curt Schilling “busted his ass” in an attempt to get funding for his Amalur MMO Copernicus, and the former Boston Red Sox pitcher even approached Sony Online Entertainment for money, president of the EverQuest studio John Smedley said today on Twitter.“Curt’s only crime was believing in his own ability to will things to be better,” Smedley said. “He busted ass trying to get funding.”Schilling approached SOE “many” times looking for money, but a deal was never made–despite Smedley’s admiration for the game–because the project was deemed too risky, he said."


"Need for Speed Shift developer Slightly Mad Studios is currently working away hard on its crowdfunded racer Project CARS, but oh, that’s not all it has coming. The British studio today announced World of Speed, a free-to-play MMO drive’ em up with cars and roads and, as one would expect from a F2P MMO, social jazz up the wazoo.It’ll be all social with team modes, GameSpot’s preview reports, and players creating and competing in “clubs.” Racing clubs who are particularly dominant on one track will win a special clubhouse there, and can join in a mysterious ‘Territory Wars’ minigame."