Celebrate Valentine’s Day With A GTA V Massacre


Courtesy Rockstar Games

There is no more a romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day than to play video games in which you steal cars, commit brutal murders and commit robberies. Such is the life of GTA V, and on this Friday, February 14th, you can participate in a limited-time offer of a free update called the “Valentine’s Day Massacre Special.” Most of the content will be coming to both GTA Online and the story mode for GTA V.

Apparently, the idea of romanticism within the gangster life is to dress up like you just came out of the 1920’s. Most of the free content update provides that, including a new Gusenberg Sweeper gun (a Prohibition-era Tommy Gun stand-in), an Albany Roosevelt new car (1920’s limosine), new costumes (including flapper dresses, hairstyles, pants and novelty shirts) and 10 new jobs for GTA Online.

Valentine’s Day looks to see a battle for staying-at-home-and-playing-video-games dominance. While GTA V is noble in their free content update, The Last of Us will also see its one and only story DLC, “Left Behind,” be released for $14.99 on the same day. Whether you want to be even more depressed playing a survival horror game or you want to have some energizing fun shooting up the town of Los Santos like you’re Al Capone is up to you.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre Special will be only for a limited time, although anything you acquire during the update’s run is kept in your GTA V file forever. Grand Theft Auto V is available for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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