Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Treated With Valentine’s Day Trailer


It’s just four more days until Valentine’s Day, and one of the better RPG games with a romantic subplot, Final Fantasy X, has received a trailer for its upcoming HD remaster specifically dedicated to the Hallmark holiday.

While briefly featuring other cast members of the game, it focuses on the struggle for Tidus and his emotional involvement with Yuna, the summoner on the pilgrimage bent on defeating the ongoing threat of Final Fantasy X; Sin. Fans of the game will remember it is a forbidden love for a summoner to be with a member of their guard on the path to Zanarkand, which makes the feelings given to our main character that much more complicated.

People will be quick to shove the “HAHAHAHA” moment in the face of those who appreciate Final Fantasy X (in fact, it’s featured in the trailer without sound) as a means of criticizing the game’s VA talent, however the truer, private moments between Tidus and Yuna showcase brilliant voice acting in both English and Japanese. It was one of the first games in its days on the PS2 to feature full spoken dialogue throughout a 45+ hour adventure. It was a triumph in its day.

Regardless, Final Fantasy X, paired with X-2 will be released in an HD Remaster on March 18th for both the PS3 and PS Vita. Check out the Valentine’s Day trailer below.

(Warning: Trailer may give away key elements of character development and plot. Viewership new to Final Fantasy X may be advised discretion.)


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