Gaming Community Clicks: January 2014

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One of my favorite speedruns from Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 came after the main event was already over. In the Bonus Stream, we saw FierceKyo take on Resident Evil 2, Claire A scenario. As one of my favorite PlayStation-era games, I was immediately hooked into the stream. It turns out, Fierce speedruns a few other Biohazard games, including the Resident Evil Gamecube Remake, Resident Evil Revelations and some occasional non-RE games like Sonic Adventures. He has some choice words for certain RE games (how could you hate RE 4, Fierce? How?), but if you get beyond that it’s a delightful streaming experience with a dedicated and excitable chat community. VOD’s go up on Youtube.

Here is Fierce tying the world record speed for Claire A in Resident Evil 2. This is the first AAA game to be featured with a World Record time in Gaming Community Clicks. The first case was in Indie platformer Spelunky for Bananasaurus Rex last month.

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