Skullgirls Encore Returning To PlayStation Network On February 11


Skullgirls will be making its return to console fighting games fans’ hearts beginning February 11th by re-introducing itself as Skullgirls Encore. This has been confirmed by Lab Zero Games CEO Peter Bartholow, via NeoGAF, confirming a US release for the game on PSN. The Xbox 360 version will follow shortly thereafter.

The development team behind the Indie fighter has seen an uphill battle up to get to this point. They have had a tumultuous battle with former publisher, Konami, after the IP owners, Autumn Games, cut all ties with them. Konami then requested Skullgirls’ removal from PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, leaving the developers to rework and repackage the game as Skullgirls.

Right now, the current release date of February 11 for the PSN version of Skullgirls Encore is set for the US zone only, but there are hopes to get the game up on European servers the following week. There are no guarantees that it will release within that timeframe, however.

One thing’s for sure, it means that ardent fans of the game within the FGC (fighting game community) will have a chance to get Skullgirls Encore at this year’s huge upcoming fighting game tournament, EVO 2014. Last year it came in second place in a charity fundraiser to earn a spot at competition, beaten only by Super Smash Bros Melee. Organizers did end up running a side tournament for the game with a cash prize.


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