Mother Brain Is An Assist Trophy In Upcoming Super Smash Bros


The frequency in which Super Smash Bros entities are being revealed is increasing in speed, as Super Smash Bros game director Masahiro Sakurai has announced that Mother Brain will be an assist trophy in the upcoming game. Such indication was made on his Miiverse page, which notes the use of red rinkas (floating O-like orbs) and the infamous laser beam attack.

With this reveal, we are more and more inclined to believe that there could be more Metroid characters on the way for Super Smash Bros. The number 1 most requested character, as it seems to be in forums, Twitter and on Miiverse, is Ridley. Perhaps this reveal of Mother Brain on this stage may just be a subtle way that Sakurai can troll his fans, knowing that the anticipation for such an announcement is reaching a fever point.

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