Falling Skies Planetary Warfare Launches On iOS, Android


You probably know “Falling Skies” as “that alien invasion show on TNT with that guy who was on ‘ER’ forever.’ If Little Orbit and TNT have their way though, you’re also going to know it as a mobile game that lets you play as the human resistance or the aliens.

Based on the series featuring star Noah Wyle and executive producer Steven Spielberg, “Falling Skies Planetary Warfare” is a free-to-play strategy game that is now live on the iOS App Store and on Google Play for Android. Set in the aftermath of the show’s third season, the game challenges you to pick a side in the fight for earth, either fighting off the extraterrestrials or plotting to wipe out humanity.

Though the setting may be different, some of the elements of “Falling Skies Planetary Warfare” should be familiar to mobile gamers. There are base building and resource management aspects, as well as the ability to team up with other players to coordinate troops for attacks on enemy locations.

The added twist is that the game will tie in to the series, changing the content as new episodes are broadcast.

“’Falling Skies’ is a fantastic show, and we’re going to be exploring some fun storylines with the writers as the new season gets closer,” Little Orbit CEO Matt Scott said in a press release. “This is a new opportunity for new and old fans to play a game that will evolve as the plot on television evolves.”

A console game is also in the works for later in 2014. Fans can check out more images at the show’s Facebook page or just head right to the App Store or Google Play to download it now.


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