It'd be hard to argue against the opinion that "Transformers: Legends" ha..."/> It'd be hard to argue against the opinion that "Transformers: Legends" ha..."/>

Transformers: Legends Ties In Comics, Games With Dark Cybertron


It’d be hard to argue against the opinion that “Transformers: Legends” has done an excellent job leveraging some of the most famous storylines from “Transformers” cartoons and animated movies to use in its events. But for players hungering for something newer, DeNA is teaming with Hasbro and IDW Publishing to tie together three things people love about the franchise: the game, comics and toys (sorry Michael Bay).

The first part of that crossover is this week’s Dark Cybertron in-game episode. The event is already underway and runs through February 11, and it introduces a Team Battle mode to the game’s rotating event schedule. A Team Battle has you joining forces with 19 other players to go head-to-head with another group of 20 to see who can take down the most bosses in 24 hours. There are special bonuses for cooperation, a dedicated message board, and or course, new cards—including the first ever rarity level 6 cards. Everyone who participates gets an ultra rare Skywarp card too.

IDW’s part comes thanks to a special limited edition Dark Cybertron digital comic that can be downloaded for free through the game. It’s a great way to give the episode more of a back story, especially since it’s not a tale that’s familiar to everyone as the comic crossover it’s based on is still going on.

Last but not least, gamers can get a 15 percent discount on Transformers Generations toys of some of the characters featured in the Dark Cybertron story. The list includes favorites like Scoop, Skywarp and Armada Starscream, but the sale is only good for as long as the in-game event is running. You can check out the sale right here.

“Transformers: Legends” is a free download and is available for both iOS and Android devices.