Looks like the "Cinematic feel" excuse will be one used by developers for both ..."/> Looks like the "Cinematic feel" excuse will be one used by developers for both ..."/>

The Order 1886 Set To Run 1080p At 30 FPS


Looks like the “Cinematic feel” excuse will be one used by developers for both Microsoft AND Sony this entire generation. In an interview with play3.de, Ready at Dawn Studios’ Ru Weerasuriya has stated that the development of The Order 1886 is currently aimed towards 1080p resolution at 30 FPS.

Translated by GamingBolt:

"Currently we do not aim [for] 60 frames per second. In a first person shooter that [surely] makes sense. Also fighting games are undoubtedly predestined for 60 frames. But for us, the cinematic experience is in the foreground [basically focus] – presented in full HD 1080p. In favor of spectacular effects and the highest resolution we restrict ourselves to a fluid 30 frames per second."

It should also be of note that the game will feature widescreen black bars for cutscenes, meaning that the display resolution for space occupied by the scene in question should be just north of 800p. The entire screen displayed will still be at 1080p, however.

The “Cinematic experience” dodge should be expected to be heard throughout the rest of this generation of games, not just for third-person shooters like The Order 1886. The Wii U already has a few games at 1080p and 60 FPS, but due to the lower hardware spec than its competition the capabilities for visual fidelity would be lower in comparison. Although, the bright art style of certain Nintendo games has managed to make them look beautiful regardless.

Back on topic, due to the widescreen black bars, technically The Order 1886 is trying to achieve a filmic look. However, if the developers truly wanted to go for the cinematic experience we’ve come to expect they would lock the game’s framerate at 24 FPS. Then it would be running constantly at the speed we see in the theatres.

The Order 1886 looks to be released sometime this year exclusively on the PS4.


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