Resident Evil Composer Mamoru Samuragochi Admits To Fraud


Mamoru Samuragochi can no longer stake any claim to being a modern day Beethoven. The composer, who became deaf due to a degenerative hearing condition at age 35, has admitted to hiring a ghost composer to create music for him in his name. This shocking revelation comes from the Japan Times.

Samuragochi is said to have relied on another party to help collaborate his ideas and imagery for a piece, then trusting the third party to help bring the piece together. He had also claimed to rely on perfect pitch to decipher the quality of his own music when being written. It will be near impossible to tell how much of the development of any piece made since he became fully deaf about 15 years ago.

He had been dubbed a modern day Beethoven because both composers shared the same affliction of being unable to hear their own compositions. His claim to fame came from creating video game scores, including those for Resident Evil and Onimusha. It is up to public discussion whether or not music attributed to him can truly be considered his.

(h/t IGN)


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