Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition Gameplay Footage Online (Video)


For the first time in the game’s creation, the upcoming Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition will feature the game at 60 FPS. While Youtube limits the framerate to a maximum of 30 FPS (29.97, if you absolutely must be specific), footage of the newest PC port has shown up on the Biohazard France Youtube channel. Don’t worry, there’s no actual French language or text in the video.

While there are certain environmental-based textures that cannot avoid looking like an update of a 2005 game, you can immediately see the improvement in details for certain assets. For example, the R.P.D. on Leon Kennedy’s jacket is crisp and legible, the Raccoon Police badge shows vibrant colors, Leon’s hair sways in movement, weapons are clearly defined and enemy models have more definition in their characteristics.

For a Resident Evil 4 port that will cost $19.99 at launch, the results look promising. It would be nice to see the gameplay at 60 FPS, and to know how often the framerate dips. Additionally, further down in the game’s story may yield different results.

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition will hit Steam on February 27th. Check out the opening of the game in the video down below.


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