New Sonic Game Coming


The new look of the “Sonic Team”

SEGA is currently holding a press event in New York City, and has announced a brand new game surrounding the upcoming Sonic Boom television show is coming.

According to DaDa Rocks, who is at the event, Sonic Boom is intended to be “the next generation of SEGA’s vision for one it’s most beloved characters.”

As you can see in the image above, the Sonic team is getting a little bit of a makeover. Tails now has a tool belt while Sonic and Knuckles sport tape on their bodies. The event neither confirmed nor denied rumors of a multiplatform Sonic game coming, but it did open the door for more speculation about it. SEGA announced that the new TV show will lead to games on multiple “game stations and mobile” devices. Whether or not that means one game released on different systems, or if they will be different games all together remains to be seen.

More to come…

Mike’s Musings: A new Sonic game sounds awesome for the fans of the hedgehog (raises hand). However, can we please focus on a more pressing issue. I mean, just look at Knuckles! Can we get him tested, please? He just doesn’t look natural.  Again, just look at him.