Birth of Man: A Minecraft Film


Does the thought of a film set in the Minecraft universe tickle your fancy? If so, then you’re going to be excited to hear about “Birth of Man: A Minecraft Film”

Brandon Laatsch has started a program in order to try and create the very first full-length feature film based around the world of Minecraft, and he wants your help via kickstarter.

From the kickstarter page:

"…we have been repeatedly disappointed by Hollywood’s interpretations and creations of movies based on popular video-game franchises. We would love to see a video-game movie done right, and we feel that, as people with their feet in both the gaming and film-making worlds, we are the right people to do it. We specialize in creating films containing blockbuster quality on a hundredth of the budget that Hollywood requires by utilizing modern technology and a “think-outside-the-box” attitude approach to film-making."

You can watch the trailer for the hopeful film below. You can view his project HERE.


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