The Wolf Among Us Xbox 360 Version Suffering From Purchase Problems


If you are excited to play The Wolf Among Us’ second episode, “Smoke & Mirrors,” later today on your Xbox 360 you may encounter some problems with loading the game’s episode. Telltale Games Support has indicated on their company forums that Xbox Live is currently undergoing issues with certain games’ DLC, which has included today’s newly-released episode. Those affected who already own the season pass are still being prompted to download one and are incapable of continuing their adventure into the world of Fabletown

Hopefully the problem is solved soon, as it is really putting the independent developers in a bind. Outside of the game being sold at a discount, the launch day is the biggest sales opportunity for a company. Any sort of technological problems (including overloading access to Telltale Games servers via DRM check-ins) will hurt the branding of the game, and may create a negative impact that they are not responsible for or can control.

The Wolf Among Us is out now and working on PC and PS3 and should see release later in the year for iOS and the PS Vita. Sit tight as Microsoft works out their Xbox Live kinks for the Xbox 360 version, or read my review here while you wait.


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