Super Retro Trio Console Launching In March


We know there are… ways to do retro gaming these days so you can always get your 8-bit or 16-bit fixes. But if you’re not lucky enough to still own an operational NES or Sega Genesis and would still like an affordable way to play some old games, Retro-bit has something releasing in the next few months from Innex that should definitely grab your attention.

It’s called the Super Retro Trio, and it plays NES, Super NES and Genesis games thanks to dedicated cartridge slots for each system. It also sports six controller slots (two for each system) that are compatible with either first-party or third-party controllers.

Speaking of controllers, problems with mapping them correctly for all three platforms delayed the launch of the Super Retro Trio from its intended 2013 window. Both Innex and the manufacturer feel those bugs have been squashed and the product is ready now.

“We stand behind our products. There is no room for less than the highest level of satisfaction,” Innex President Titi Ngoy said in a . “Retro-bit® is one of the elite brands that Innex distributes worldwide and this collaboration with the manufacturer will ensure a successful launch of this outstanding console.”

The Super Retro Trio is expected to go on sale in mid-to-late March. It comes with two 16-bit-style controllers, an AC adapter, one S-video/AV cable, all for a suggested retail price of $69.99.