Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Receives Tomb Raider Costume (Video)


Clearly whoever is running the department responsible for the DLC of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is an ardent fan of head-canon, shipping and now fan fiction. Such is the case with the recently-announced Lara Croft costume, complete with survivor axe, riot shield, clothes and visual aesthetics of the main character from Tomb Raider.

While likely not serving a pay-to-win role for Lightning Returns, it does serve as a “WTF is this really necessary?” promotional hybrid synergy that you may come to expect from Square Enix. Yes, they do have a collection of costumes from other characters in the Final Fantasy universe (which is already bad enough to charge people to access), but that will bank on the sense of nostalgia. It is truly mind-boggling as to why the publishers had to include the costume of someone outside the game’s universe.

When you are charged full price for an RPG, you can already expect more than enough content to justify your purchase. I find it hard to justify purchasing a costume for a character in an RPG full of a variety of armor and other equipment that comes for free with the game. Waifu-ism is such a weird concept, especially when development of this Final Fantasy XIII series was pretty much born out of it. I guess it’s time to let it go and embrace it.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII launches here in North America on February 11th for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The costumes will be available for purchase at launch. Here is the trailer showcasing Lightning as Lara Croft in action.


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