RUMOR: Star Wars And Marvel Characters Being Developed For Disney Infinity


This has to stay in the rumor category until it gets confirmed by someone on the record, but it’s an exciting one, to say the least. A Wall Street Journal article on the bad news of expected layoffs at Disney Interactive also cited a source claiming that Star Wars and Marvel characters are currently in development for “Disney Infinity.”

If true, this would hardly be a big shock. People have wondered about the possibility of seeing Marvel super heroes in “Disney Infinity” from the time the game was first announced, and speculation about Star Wars characters began almost immediately after Disney acquired the rights to that universe. It’s always been a question of “when” instead of “if.”

Add in the fact that while Disney has a ridiculously deep roster of its own creations to use in the game, it’s already produced figures of many of its most popular and currently relevant characters. Pulling in Marvel and Star Wars would allow Disney Interactive to slow the pace on drawing from its library of first party films and shows, spreading them out over a longer period of time and maximizing their impact.

Could we see these super famous IPs show up in the game later this year? That’s certainly possible, as the WSJ also mentioons the idea that a new version of “Disney Infinity” could hit annually, but with backwards compatibility with existing figures. It’s a plan very similar to the one Activision uses with its “Skylanders” series, and there’s no arguing with that brand’s wild success. Having some Star Wars and Marvel characters in the first wave of figures for a new iteration of “Infinity” would create a wave of excitement that could lead to a big sales boost.

Super heroes, Jedi and Disney/Pixar characters all in one giant mash-up? Sounds like a no-brainer, and one that might be going from wish to wish fulfillment in the not too distant future.


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