Civilization V: Complete Edition Released


Since its release in 2010, Civilization V has seen countless expansion packs and add-ons for players to enjoy. Now, fans who couldn’t afford the DLC packs when they originally released can now enjoy not only the full Civilization V experience, but all of the DLC as well as Civilization V: Complete Edition was released on Tuesday by 2K Games.

Priced at $49.99, Civilization V: Complete Edition is available at retail for PC. Included in the complete edition bundle are:

  • Civilization Pack: Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar II);
  • Cradle of Civilization – Americas Map;
  • Cradle of Civilization – Asia Map;
  • Cradle of Civilization – Mediterranean Map;
  • Cradle of Civilization – Mesopotamia Map;
  • Double Civilization and Scenario Pack: Spain and Inca;
  • Explorer’s Map Pack;
  • Civilization and Scenario Pack: Polynesia;
  • Civilization and Scenario Pack: Denmark – The Vikings;
  • Civilization and Scenario Pack: Korea;
  • Wonders of the Ancient World Scenario Pack;
  • Scrambled Continents Map Pack;
  • Scrambled Nations Map Pack.

Mike’s Musings: As one of doesn’t by DLC packs for “God games” or RTS until the complete edition ultimately comes out, this is one purchase I have no choice but to make. The Civilization franchise is one of the best game series of all time, and with the extensive packs that come with the complete edition of Civ V, this should be a purchase for any fan of the series.