New Game Releases: Bravely Default, The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2, And More


So, how about that Super Bowl, huh? Congrats to the Seattle Seahawks and their very loyal, very loud fans (and a special congrats to Golden Tate), but for the rest of us, that was pretty dreadful. I’d be okay with no more outdoor championship games if that’s going to happen every time.

You know what might help erase some of that stink? New video games, that’s what. Fortunately there are some interesting ones due out this week, even if they’re not many in number.

Let’s check them out…

“The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2” (PS3, PC, Mac) – February 4, (Xbox 360) – February 5

The second of five planned episodes in Telltale Games’ adaptation of the comic book series “Fables” in video game form, “The Wolf Among Us” explores the world of Bigby Wolf before he appeared in the comics. He’s a cop trying to solve a murder, which sounds like pretty standard stuff until you consider that he’s trying to enforce law and order in Fabletown, where fictional characters are very real.

Hey, why didn’t they just call this game “Fables” and… oh, that’s right. Anyway, the first episode of “The Wolf Among Us” was good if a little short, and this one should be no different.

“Threes” (iOS) – February 6

Maybe mobile puzzle games aren’t your thing. You still might want to check out this particular one since it’s by the artist who helped give the world “Ridiculous Fishing” (and thanks for that) and a designer who used to work for thatgamecompany. We call that a pedigree.

Anyway, this is a turn-based affair with sliding tiles that challenges you to create numbers out of smaller numbers as long as they’re divisible by three. Truth in naming—it’s a good thing.

“Bravely Default” (3DS) – February 7

Despite what it may sound like, this is not, in fact, an RPG about not being able to keep up with your loan payments. Though come to think of it, defaulting does sometimes require some bravery.

No, this is a Square Enix RPG that shares some DNA with some of the “Final Fantasy” games, and pretty much the whole world has been able to play it already except for those of us in North America. You know what that means, rest of the world? No freakin’ spoilers please! Thanks.

“The LEGO Movie Videogame” (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Ps3, Xbox 360, Vita, 3Ds) – February 7

LEGO must not have gotten the memo that it’s “video game,” two words. But when you’re one of the most beloved and long-lived toy brands in the world, I guess you can do pretty much whatever you want, even bending the English language to your will.

Since the movie the game is based on comes out the same day, I’m guessing the plot of the game will follow it. All I know is that an otherwise regular mini-figure named Emmet is the key to saving the day as opposed to the multitude of heroes included in the LEGO universe. And Batman is apparently very disappointed in him.

Also releasing this week: “Fable Anniversary” (Xbox 360) – February 4; “Feast or Famine” (iOS) – February 6; “Jazzpunk” (PC, Mac, Linux) – February 7