Murdered: Soul Suspect Coming To Xbox One, Receives Cover Art


Back when Murdered: Soul Suspect was revealed at last year’s E3, I saw it as one of the more underrated games to come out of the conference. Yes, it did receive a bunch of E3 “Best of” awards and nominations, but doesn’t seem to have the lasting conversational power that Watch Dogs had and Titanfall continues to have. That may change starting today, however, as the Murdered: Soul Suspect Twitter account released their cover art for the game.

For those who are unaware about the idea behind this game, let me fill you in. Murdered: Soul Suspect has you played the recently-murdered Detective Ronan O’Conner investigating his own death from beyond this mortal plane. He must gather clues while fending off demonic, spiritual creatures that prevent him from apprehending his killer. He ain’t afraid of no ghosts, especially those that aid him in finding out why exactly he was killed, and for what purpose.

Combining the action-adventure sensibilities with a puzzle game aspect centered around ghosts and other spiritual/ghoul-like creatures is a bold step for Square Enix. They’re really stepping into an untapped and unexplored market, one that hopes to see the birth of something new within the gaming industry.

UPDATE: Murdered: Soul Suspect will be released later this year on the PS3, Xbox One, 360 and PC. Check out some game footage the Xbox One platform release reveal.

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