Monster Legacy Coming “Soon” To iOS


Since Nintendo is only going to allow “Pokemon” games onto mobile devices once Neveruary rolls around (and if you don’t think that’s a real word, Mr. 2 Chainz begs to differ), all we’ve got to try to fill the Pikachu-shaped holes in our souls are games that are kind of, sort of like “Pokemon.”

Some are good, and some are not so hot. We won’t know which way “Monster Legacy” by Outplay Entertainment leans until it gets to iOS devices. That day will be soon, which in the world of the App Store can mean anything from this coming Thursday to the end of the quarter.

Here’s what we do know: “Monster Legacy” is free-to-play, containing more than 20 levels and 70 quests. You’ll be raising your monsters to help you battle the forces of the Evil Lord Andur, helping them evolve into new forms and learn new attacks. That does sound awfully familiar, no?

With over 100 monsters to capture and collect, it’ll take a while until you catch ’em… no, I’m not going there. Take a look at this trailer while you wait for “Monster Legacy” to hit the App Store “soon.”


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